Argent Associates

Argent Associates has assembled a small group of Professional Engineers and LSRPs for the purpose of providing cost effective solutions for development and redevelopment projects on contaminated and technically challenged real estate in New Jersey

Performance of Site Investigations and Remedial Investigations and preparation of Remedial Action Work Plans; Performance of oversight of Site Remediation including construction management services; Issuance of Remedial Action Outcomes for completion of site remediation under the Site Remediation and Reform Act;

Performance of Waste Classification, preparation of Soil Reuse Plans including Beneficial Use Determination and Certificate of Authority to Operate; and performance of solid waste related services involving Landfill Disruption and Class B Recycling Facilities.

Civil engineering services involving land surveying and site plan design including floodplain management; stormwater calculations; grading, drainage, and utility design; and landscape and lighting design.

Marine services including hydrographic survey; sediment sampling and analysis; bulkhead, dock, and marina design; and preparation of dredging plans.